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I am working on Lawrence KS and have problems with blue bleeding everywhere outside the river. where it happens the river is inverted. i have the same problem with the university land use for ESU at Emporia KS too. can't figure what's causing them to happen. There's two spots at Lawrence where the river does this. on the east side and north side. on the Kansas River that is.

asked 01 Jan '14, 01:04

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Thanks guys for the info. i am using the basic editor for beginners. i notice the blue more in editing mode. I think Alaska Dave is right about the tiles not loading enough data to make it work right in edit mode. I don't know if something needs fixed. i tried OSM Inspector but it doesn't work for water for some reason. darn that's where i need it the most. how long does it take for the OSM Inspector to refresh changes? i fixed a node on a building but it still shows the error. thanks. Oh and on the river lines is it supposed to have a setting that says "outer"? What does that mean?

(02 Jan '14, 07:36) railfan-eric

I had actually checked the relation before I wrote my answer, and so I was fairly certain that was what you were seeing.

In JOSM, click on the riverbank or the river itself, scroll down to select the Relation in the Tags & Memberships window and then click Edit to invoke the Relations Editor. On the left side of the editor is a small icon (second up from the bottom) that will download all its "incomplete" members. (Mouse over the icons to determine which one it is.)

After all of them have downloaded click on OK to close the Relations Editor -- your edit window will look normal.

(02 Jan '14, 08:15) AlaskaDave

As for the inner and outer, those are "roles" that determine the structure of the relation and how it will display. If you read this Wiki section on multipolygon relations it should clear things up a bit.

(02 Jan '14, 08:19) AlaskaDave

The other time this happens is when the river or its riverbank is part of a relation and your window of data does not contain all the ways comprising the relation. The Kansas River is part of a huge multipolygon with 307 members. In JOSM you can force a download of all the members and when you do the blue flooding disappears because afterward all the members are present.

If you're working in Potlatch or iD, I'm not sure how to accomplish this or if it's even possible.

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answered 01 Jan '14, 12:46

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Hi railfan-eric, try to locate the source of the bleeding on both sides or ends of the borderline, just follow the blue border line to a node and connect both river banks. The leaking is caused by lack of connection. Be aware that P2 has a limit of 2000 nodes, you won’t be able to save your work after this number has been reach. If it occurs please cut both lines into halves, make them smaller and connect them separately. With JOSM youll have to collect the area completedly bit by bit. With ID I dont know. Happy mapping.

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answered 01 Jan '14, 10:36

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The limit is due to the API, not the editor.

(01 Jan '14, 21:52) malenki

Malenki, your the first with that explanation, since I m not a programmer I dont programm the API. IMHO its bound or comes with the programm.

(01 Jan '14, 22:59) Hendrikklaas

As the link to the API capabilities makes clear (it says 'waynodes maximum="2000"'), it's an API restriction, not an editor one.

(01 Jan '14, 23:17) SomeoneElse ♦

(I am no programmer either.)

(02 Jan '14, 07:07) malenki

Usually this error occurs in different renderers, when the data contain broken coastlines. This is usually fixed very quickly (as your area seems to be ok again) by the community, as we have some QA error detection tools for that purpose.

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answered 01 Jan '14, 08:58

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