Hi, I added a business to a point (Node: Hairgalerie Friseur (2399202263)). I saw the edit correctly in the OsmAnd app in iOS. But when I clicked on it, the app crashed. I had omitted the http in front of the web address, thought this might be the error, edited the tag, but still, whenever I navigate to the hairdresser, I see the POI, click on it, and my app crashes. This happends both on iPhone and iPad. However, when I look at the streetmap data on my iMac in Safari, I do not even see the POI I created. Only when I log in as if to edit. No idea what caused this. Any advice? https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/2399202263 Thanks

asked 17 Apr '21, 13:16

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Thanks for the answers. I deleted the POI and started again. Now with the correct syntax for opening hours and phone number. New node: https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/8643108836

I can now see it in Safari on my iMac by changing zoom levels.

On iPhone and iPad, using OsmAnd app (latest version) and after I updated the map data, it still crashes the app when clicking on the POI.

I compared my entry in html code and that of a nearby restaurant. No difference in syntax.

I did write a bug report on GitHub as suggested.

(19 Apr '21, 12:03) Monterossa

Do you use OsmAnd Live ? Otherwise the data are only updated at the start of every month.

And the opening_hours looks better, but days abbreviations are still not in English. It should not make the app crash, but it is still wrong, and probably not understood by most software.

You should really try yohours (or others) to build your opening_hours, it's quite tricky to get right.


(19 Apr '21, 13:24) H_mlet

You are absolutely correct. Now with correct opening hours set, the OsmAnd Apps no longer crash and data is shown correctly.

(19 Apr '21, 20:33) Monterossa

For the "not visible in browser", for me it depends on the zoom level, so I guess it's just a problem of cache and rendering delays. Try again tomorrow, after a Ctrl+Shift+R if necessary, it should display alright.

For the trouble in iOS, I don't get what app you are using. Are you sure the data is updated on the fly ? For example I use OsmAnd on Android, and I download the data updated only every month...

But by looking at your edit, I don't think the opening_hours value is valid. The syntax is quite strict, and only English abbreviations are used I think. Check the wiki. There are web tools to check the syntax, or even to build it graphically, like yohours. Maybe the crash comes from that. You should tell the developers of your app that it should fail silently when the opening_hours values are not correct, because it happens quite often.

And the phone value should be in international format (like +xx...), but I really don't think that's the issue with your app. ;-)

In any case, thanks for your edits. :-) I go to the wiki for nearly every tag, at least the first time I use them. And some (like opening_hours), nearly every time. Quite a lot of reading at first, but you'll get more efficient after a little while.

Also JOSM is a bit more difficult at first, but you really understand what is going on with the data, unlike iD.

My 2 cents.


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answered 17 Apr '21, 16:59

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If OsmAnd iOS crashes then this is the fault of the app. You can create a bug report here: https://github.com/osmandapp/OsmAnd-iOS/issues. It needs a GitHub account.

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answered 19 Apr '21, 07:13

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