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I see that it is possible to tag a route for horse riding (similar to cycling or running). It is possible to search for all such tagged routes in a particular area?

asked 16 Mar '21, 01:20

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Riding App
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The wiki page for route=horse is here: . Look for "Tools for this tag" and "overpass-turbo". This links to an example query that will find this tag/value combination. Navigate to the region you are interested in, and hit Run - this should highlight any routes in the area.

You might also find waymarked useful - there is a specific version for horse riding at . This displays the routes directly on the map. The "Routes" button at the bottom right shows more detail on the routes.

All of the above is specifically for route=horse relations, it will not find (for example) ways tagged as bridleways if they are not part of a relation. It looks like there are only about two thousand of these routes currently mapped in the whole world, so in many regions you might not find any results.

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answered 16 Mar '21, 08:46

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Hi Riding app, it looks there is a huge task ready to tackle on, as stated search for bridle ways, but as pedestrian I wont walk a bridle way to track the way. So your relying on the work of horseriders to make the routes. You could start informing at riding stables for routes around their properety or even route between or amongst them selves if there are more stables around in the region. Read these lines for axtra available tags to search for.

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answered 17 Mar '21, 15:05

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Well, bridle ways are often along hiking routes, at least in my area. Apart from that, the question was about finding such routes.

(18 Mar '21, 06:46) scai ♦

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