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Found no topic tagged with this word, what is default, is there an implied on this, like sidewalk, traffic_island (which actually has an =raised as one of the items on the picklist). Traffic_calming=painted_island is one other, directly on the road surface to name another. So far with an abundance of assurance, have been doing raised=yes, raised=no wherever, whenever. One more sample is a street where the sidewalk was actually painted on the road, no physical barrier to alert drivers on the cellphone that they've strayed as element of the highway. Added the raised=no tag to be sure.

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I'm not aware that someone has proposed a general default. If someone had put some thinking into this then it would probably have been designers of pedestrian routing engines making up their own rules.

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OK. ID editor certainly could use the addition of this tag as an option to complete, yes/no/blank, as too often I forget. Aware of at least 3 different offerings in tagging with the sub comment of 'raised', a pedestrian mapping engine assuming it is raised unless it's tagged as not raised is dubious, but then they might not care to include wheelchair on and off, which I'm sure 99.9% of the times are not mapped either, at least not come across a single case after 3 months mapping here. Sidewalks are mostly absent, let alone.

(05 Nov '20, 17:51) SekeRob
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