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I have downloaded the relevant OSM maps of the Washington DC metro area to Mapsource and uploaded it to my Garmin Dakota 10. I have set my profile to calculate routes for a bicycle with the only avoidance for toll roads. Even though there is an off-street bike trail which runs most of the way to my endpoint,the Dakota takes me off the trail after less than a few hundred yards and puts me on a 4 lane highway and then puts me back on the trail for the last few hundred yards. The trail is visible on the map. What (if anything) am I doing wrong?

asked 22 Jul '11, 02:11

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Where did you get the map that you installed on your Dakota? Would it be possible to add a permalink to the area that you're talking about to this question so that we can see it?

(22 Jul '11, 10:18) SomeoneElse ♦

The maps were generated by Lambertus:

The map was created using the following predefined maps: US-Silver Spring US-Centreville US-Baltimore US-Washington US-Bowie

The bike trail in question, the Custis Trail is located in the US-Washington map.

I will be happy to try to permalink but I'm a newbie at permalinking and will need some instructions

(22 Jul '11, 23:49) sshagam

Go to and navigate to the part of the map in question on the layer that best highlights what you're trying to point out. In the lower right corner of the window will be a "Permalink" and a "shortlink" option. Right-click on either and select "Copy Link Location."

(24 Jul '11, 03:20) Baloo Uriza

I am attempting to go east from roughly Irving Street and the Custis Trail (middle of map, far left) into Washington DC. My Dakota has me go west 400 ft, exit the trail and proceed east on Lee Highway, then ride streets all the way to the mall. (using OSM) on the other hand keeps me on the Custis the entire way. Thoughts?

(24 Jul '11, 16:39) sshagam
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