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In the part of Canada where I live most every town has a rodeo grounds, and many of those also have a large race track. I found one track at the Calgary Stampede that renders very nice as a representation of the track on the OSM map as an oval.


I've tried to play with that one to figure out how two lines render with a shaded area between them. I've tried a few things, but many of them either fill in the oval or do not show up on the map at all. I know there are lots of other sports areas with ovals that could be done the same way, but how do you do it? Thanks!

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asked 19 Oct '17, 03:14

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BTW, the Calgary Stampede relation was improperly tagged as leisure=park. I have changed that tag to leisure=track so it may look slightly different once map tiles re-render.

(19 Oct '17, 20:17) neuhausr

As explained on the leisure=track page, you have to use a multipolygon-relation for that.

The accepted answer of this question explains how to do that in the iD-editor.

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answered 19 Oct '17, 04:17

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Thanks for your help! I wasn't having much luck searching for an answer. I've now made about four of these and have quite a few more to go. Thanks!

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answered 19 Oct '17, 21:55

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Hi @tjstone, if you want to respond to an answer it is preferable to use the add new comment button instead of providing a new answer to your own question.

(21 Oct '17, 03:36) keithonearth
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