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I am using the nominatim server for The Netherlands map, but the issue is for some latitude and longitude the city name is not right. It gives the municipality name instead of city name. for example:

lat and long: "6.09990";"53.10323"

<reversegeocode timestamp="Tue, 11 Apr 17 10:13:24 +0200" attribution="Data © OpenStreetMap contributors, ODbL 1.0. &lt;a href=" http:="" www.openstreetmap.org="" copyright""="">http://www.openstreetmap.org/copyright" querystring="format=xml&lat=53.10323&lon=6.09990&zoom=16"><result place_id="9390962" osm_type="way" osm_id="6476189" ref="Berglaan" lat="53.1032086" lon="6.1002906">Berglaan, Drachten, Smallingerland, Friesland, Netherlands, 9203DL, The Netherlands</result><addressparts><road>Berglaan</road><suburb>Drachten</suburb><city>Smallingerland</city><state>Friesland</state><postcode>9203DL</postcode><country>The Netherlands</country><country_code>nl</country_code></addressparts></reversegeocode>

where it showd City as "Smallingerland" which as actully not a city but municipality. And the City is "Drachten" which is shown as suburb.

RGC for it is

other LAT and LONG for which i get the same result.

"6.07807";"53.09111" "6.07813";"53.09111" "6.07812";"53.09109" "6.07815";"53.09117" "6.07813";"53.09115" "6.07657";"53.09404" "6.08241";"53.09600" "6.09831";"53.09564" "6.10235";"53.09692" "6.10237";"53.09723" "6.10243";"53.09780" "6.10908";"53.10327" "6.10802";"53.11259" "6.09888";"53.11846" "6.09883";"53.11844" "6.10031";"53.12234" "6.09698";"53.12333" "6.09700";"53.12334" "6.09697";"53.12350" "6.10041";"53.12178" "6.10359";"53.11998" "6.10899";"53.10396" "6.11151";"53.10034" "6.11152";"53.10030" "6.11234";"53.10039" "6.10586";"53.09956" "6.09603";"53.10130" "6.09607";"53.10134" "6.09856";"53.10300" "6.09901";"53.10319"

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According to http://nominatim.openstreetmap.org/details.php?place_id=201619152

Smallingerland has admin_level 8 and Drachten has admin_level 10. So the nominatim result is correct. Since the boundaries were last edited by a Dutch mapper (sebastic) who knows what he is doing (he keeps track of all boundaries in the Netherlands, based on official data), I expect this is the way the Dutch community wants it to be.

Of course you can contact him to see whether the data in that area is correct.

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I wonder whether Nominatim interprets admin_level=10 correctly for the Netherlands. According to boundary=administrative these are "boundaries for settlements (woonplaatsen)". Does anyone know if Nominatim treats admin_level differently for each country?

(11 Apr '17, 13:01) scai ♦

@scai, the best placed person to answer your question is probably lonvia

(11 Apr '17, 13:03) escada
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