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Hi, it's the first time for me in this "vast world" and so I had to understand better a lot of concepts...

MY GOAL - import a map in JOSM ==> okay - create new building ==> okay (I think...I've also populate some label: address, building, name...) - I save my modification locally in a OSM file ==> Okay - Run GraphHopper as: java -jar graphhopper-web-0.5.0-with-dep.jar jetty.resourcebase=webapp osmreader.osm=mymap.osm

So, I see that for example if I modified in JOSM street nodes I see this modification in Graphhopper. But if I try i.e. to find in the search my new building (as address) I receive a "No area description found".

The same if for example I modify in JOSM the position of a build on the map.

What I misunderstanding? Every time I restart Graphhopper server and clear the "*-gh" directory... Is it because addressess / build name etc. are always taken "from the network" (from public servers)???

How to force GraphHopper to show and consider my modification?

I'm really confused... I'm sorry if this could be a dummy question :S :(

Thank you in advance.

asked 02 Feb '16, 23:56

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The Hammer
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Huh, you can get a Graphhoper java file and run it locally?

(03 Feb '16, 07:04) ivanatora

Yes, Graphhopper is Open Source.

(03 Feb '16, 07:10) Frederik Ramm ♦

Graphhopper is only a routing engine. It finds shortest/best paths from A to B. It does not draw maps, and it does not search places. The Graphhopper example web site is a small web site that combines Graphhopper's routing with maps drawn by some other service on the web, and search provided by some other service on the web. If you want a 100% local solution, you will have to set up a search engine too (e.g. Nominatim), and a rendering engine (e.g. a tile server as discussed on, or perhaps since your area is small enough to load in JOSM, you can render map tiles with Maperitive).

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answered 03 Feb '16, 07:14

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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Hi, thank you!

After post this question, I work (at night....) at the problem and I understood about Nominatim and all the infrstructure behind it and behind OSM.

I think (this is a personal consideration) that OSM is a tool too broad (but obviously also powerful) than what I propose to do (an indoor map with simple routing office by office).

So, it's the time to "put all the cards on the table" and decide which tool (open source) use for this project. ;)

(03 Feb '16, 08:50) The Hammer

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