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I am happily compiling maps using MKGMAP and I am trying to make sure I don't miss any stuff, so I have put "highway=* & area=yes { echotags " Found highway POLYGON"}" in the style file for Polygons. it happily throws out a messages for me.

my question is how can I find and view them on openstreetmap ?

what I get is

305293190 - [area=yes,mkgmap:country=GBR,mkgmap:admin_level2=GBR,mkgmap:region=Greater Manchester,mkgmap:admin_level4=England,mkgmap:city=Bury,mkgmap:admin_level8=Bury,mkgmap:admin_level6=Greater Manchester,highway=residential,mkgmap:admin_level5=North West England] Found highway POLYGON

asked 09 Nov '15, 08:18

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Rossendale Gary
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Hi Rossendale,

If it's a polygon, then it's a closed way in the OSM database. You can find ways by id as simple as this:

If a specific node (the building blocks of ways) is giving a problem, the link would be .

If it is a multipolygon (for example a building with a hole in it), the link would be

I don't think your case is an error, but that would be the subject of a different question.

permanent link

answered 09 Nov '15, 08:36

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joost schouppe
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Thanks for the quick response, I had no idea, you could search that way.

(09 Nov '15, 08:38) Rossendale Gary

It is practical that way. You can also get a link like that when browsing the map, activating "Map data" under Layers, or by querying the data using the question mark at the right hand side of the map. Just don't count on these links to work forever, because ID's change when someone decides to re-map from scratch.

(09 Nov '15, 08:48) joost schouppe

You can also use Overpass API. It uses a simpler syntax but unfortunately if your object isn't within your current bounding box it will report an empty dataset. Zooming out manually will reveal it but again, regrettably, using the Zoom to Data tool on the Overpass UI page does not.

Just click on Wizard, enter id:305293190 into the text box and your object will be found.

(09 Nov '15, 09:39) AlaskaDave

Adding 'global' to the wizard query, like "id:305293190 global", prevents the Wizard from inserting a bounding box.

It will probably time out for queries that return many objects. Not a problem when searching by id, just worth mentioning.

(09 Nov '15, 14:02) maxerickson

Awesome, Max. I will add that information to my little bag of Wizard tricks and features.

(09 Nov '15, 23:13) AlaskaDave

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