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I'm creating a neighborhood map for my Neighborhood Watch program. I have drawn in the blocks and lots and would now like to produce a printed page showing these with the addresses, and names and contact numbers for each neighbor. Clearly I do not want to put all that information into public space on the web. I'd like to download/save a block and lot map of my neighborhood to which I could then add the contact information and print it out.

asked 08 Aug '15, 01:29

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The JOSM editor allows you to download data, work on it and then save a copy locally. Just be careful not to upload it again. If you do, there is a plugin to revert a changeset. Alternatively email you local OSM group and ask them to revert the changeset.

You can use Maperative to render your local map file. There is a scripting language to determine how the data is drawn if the default rendering isn't what you want. You can export to PNG, JPG and SVG. It is also possible to produce tiles if you want to have a small “slippy map” on a "private" website.

I have done something similar to produce a map for a Neighbourhood plan in the UK. There was additional data that the map required and I couldn’t upload to OSM.

One thing you can also do is draw out a set of features to one side of the map to produce a map key.

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answered 08 Aug '15, 08:08

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This is basically what I do, it does mean that you have to set up your own rendering so there is a little learning curve. On the other hand, it also means you have a lot of control on the rendering style.

(08 Aug '15, 15:08) n76

... or have a look at how to easily produce OSM based SVG files ... you can load them into Inkscape or similar and add your "private" information before printing.

(10 Aug '15, 17:33) stephan75

X2 on JOSM and Maperative. I use these two to make custom (local) maps for fire dept use, exported to tiles (mbtiles) for use on smartphone applications. The possibilities are endless.

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answered 09 Aug '15, 13:31

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Hi bundokter, read the beginnerssite The OSM map is not your own, so dont add personnal stuff, its stays there even if you revert it afterwards. Use OSM to make your own map locally and add anything you like locally.

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answered 08 Aug '15, 12:02

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