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Looking to try and add a map of Belgium for cycling to an older Garmin Etrex Vista C, it doesn't take a memory card. Is it possible to add a map and if so can someone tell me how?


asked 29 Mar '11, 14:20

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A Garmin Etrex Vista C has got 24Mb internal memory I believe - you really won't get a lot of map information in that. What sort of information are you looking to display (just highway=*? POIs as well?) and for how much of Belgium?

(29 Mar '11, 16:38) SomeoneElse ♦

Most people who generate maps for Garmin's will create two forms: a gmapsupp.img for loading directly onto an external memory card, and a MapSource compatible version. You will need a MapSource compatible version (and ideally MapSource). Many will of these will come with a windows installer, but if that is not available a tool called MapSetToolkit can be used to add the information to the registry. An alternative to MapSource is QLandKarte. I cannot add anything on loading maps from a Mac or a Linux platform.

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answered 29 Mar '11, 15:41

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SK53 ♦
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Have a look at Garmin in the OSM wiki --> subpage etrex ... there you can find more info.

And in general: OSM_Map_On_Garmin

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answered 29 Mar '11, 14:27

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Thank you. I'm maybe cycling from Bruge to Ninove approx 50 miles. And I have mapsource but the maps are bit basic. Poi not required just road or path.

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answered 29 Mar '11, 16:55

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Suggest you download and install this in MapSource. Plan your route & then select maps along route & download using MapSource onto the garmin

(29 Mar '11, 18:27) SK53 ♦

You can download the Openfietsmap Benelux light version which contains less topo details than the full version and install with mapsource a few tiles that you need. I'm not sure if it will fit into 24mb memory though.

(03 Apr '11, 15:41) ligfietser

You can use Sendmap to upload maps to your Garmin. Its freeware, and there are versions available for Windows or Linux. Download it from cGPSmapper

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answered 29 Mar '11, 19:04

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this link would help you to make and import a route into your garmin which would only need a small amount of memory it will work well on it as well.If you must have a map you will have to use SK53 method

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answered 30 Mar '11, 21:32

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andy mackey
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