I would like to add approximately 150 name:xx tags to an element. I really would like to avoid doing that in Potlatch nor iD editors, because that involves 150 clicks. If I had to do such a thing multiple times I would become crazy.

Is there a possibility to download an element, identified by its id, as a file, and upload it back?


asked 15 Oct '14, 10:57

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(not an answer to the question, but) what element is it that you want to add 150 different language names to? Are all of those names individually verifiable on the ground?

(15 Oct '14, 11:10) SomeoneElse ♦

@SomeoneElse: I told it as a comment to Vincent's answer.

(15 Oct '14, 12:19) b_mortgat

The level0 editor should do what you want. However, like SomeoneElse I wonder where you get this name:xx dump from, and what element(s) it applies to.

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answered 15 Oct '14, 11:27

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Vincent de P... ♦
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Frederik Ramm ♦

Thank you. I wanted to copy all name:xx tags from the country border of Singapore to the coastline of Singapore's main island, ie from relation 536780 to relation 1769123.

(15 Oct '14, 12:13) b_mortgat

I found another way to do it with JOSM. The relation editor has a “Paste tags” button. If you happen to have text in your clipboard that consists of key/value pairs, key and value being separated by tabs, and newlines between all pairs, it will add all those tags.

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answered 15 Oct '14, 12:18

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Another option is the old rawedit tool:


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answered 15 Oct '14, 14:00

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