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In a city there several disused buildings getting reused again, occupied by independent business firms. What tag is usable building=industrial (old) building=commercial or anything else. Has anybody used that kind of scheme without getting into levels ?

asked 03 Aug '14, 20:21

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What do you mean by "without getting into levels"?

(03 Aug '14, 23:10) aseerel4c26 ♦

Hi aseerel4c26, at the moment I’m tagging the surroundings, names and specific tags of the buildings. And I don’t want to get into 3D tagging of all the different offices. But I doubt to tag the surroundings commercial or industrial or some other possibility. IMHO the rest follows in due time.

(04 Aug '14, 00:08) Hendrikklaas

If the buildings now house businesses I'd tag them as building=commercial. I'd then add nodes within the buildings and tag them with as many details of the individual businesses as you can establish.

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answered 03 Aug '14, 21:02

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building=yes is also a valid option, if you aren't sure about all of the types of businesses in the building. Of course, being more specific than just "=yes" is preferred, but sometimes that's the best choice.

(05 Aug '14, 16:36) Jack the Ripper

adding data to seperate business nodes with the only a "level" tag to give which floors they use is a good half-way stage as the data can be used in gazeters if the addresses are there and route systems can recognise the services present. Eventually someone might do the full layered layout and they can reuse the data you've collected in the tags to achieve that.

There is the "building-levels" tag to give the total number of floors that is relitivly easy to add too.

(05 Aug '14, 18:18) Govanus

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