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A friend as designed and planned the Rothschild Way to link Wicken Fen and Woodwalton Fen which were donated by Rothschild as nature reserves. The family have approved the use of the name and a group of us have walked it a couple of times and added some waymarks and labels to Cambs CC posts with permission from them. I have uploaded the trace of 40 miles but I am not sure how to link all the sections for tagging as a long distance path. I would also like the route to be in the wiki. Thanks

asked 26 Jun '14, 10:25

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andy mackey
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Job done and it shows up on waymarked trails site( will add link ). Tks Vin amd Som. will have to go through tags again re. designation, length and some over bits.

(28 Jun '14, 14:16) andy mackey

Here's what I'd do for a new (to me) walking route in the UK.

Normally I'd add these when I find a route signpost that I've not seen before. In your case you know it's new as you're creating it :) but I'd first check the relevant section of this page (other countries I'm sure will have similar pages). If it doesn't exist there I'd check other sources where possible to see the route, and check OSM in those areas to see if anyone has added anything (searching is tricky since people may use names that vary slightly).

If they haven't, the next question is - should it be in OSM? I'd argue that temporary and unsigned routes shouldn't be included, but permanently waymarked ones should. This may well vary by locality, though.

If it needs to go in, create a new relation by adding part of the route to a new relation (how to do that will vary by editor). The tags on the new relation should be similar to on this one for a new foot/hiking relation (personally I'd use route=foot on shorter, less arduous ones and route=hiking on others; other people may have other ideas). Don't add the route name to any way names on the route since the ways themselves aren't called "route name", only the route is.

Depending on the length and status, you'll probably want to add "network=iwn", "network=nwn", "network=rwn", or "network=lwn" as appropriate. There's guidance on that (and on other tags) here.

Then I'd add a row to the appropriate table here, with internal and external links as appropriate (I can never remember how to do these so always end up copying from another row). Your new relation number goes in the 5th column in the "browse relation" thing. When you've filled in the wiki captchas at save, check that the page formatting is OK and the links work. If it makes sense to, I'd also create a wiki page like this one (I created that because I wanted somewhere to show a picture of the sgnpost).

Once you've added all the ways to your route, you can see that the result shows up here, and you can use the "analyze" link on the wiki row to check that you haven't left any gaps.

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answered 27 Jun '14, 13:23

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... one other thing (not directly related to routes but relevant if you're editing footpaths and England and Wales):

I'd make sure that the "designation" is set properly. If something is signed as a public footpath, adding a "designation=public_footpath" tag makes sure that everyone knows what access rights there are. "foot=designated" isn't really the same - the wiki has that described as "A preferred or designated (not compulsory) route for a specific vehicle type or types" which something might be independently of legal status.

Mappers in parts of the world with more sane legal systems (which includes Scotland) don't have to worry about this (although Scotland does have a concept of "core paths").

(27 Jun '14, 13:35) SomeoneElse ♦

Create a walking route relation and add the ways constituting the walk as relation members. From your description, I'd say the network type should be 'lwn'. Don't forget the other relations tags at least: type=route route=hiking name=*.

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answered 26 Jun '14, 10:48

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A great site to view hiking routes in OSM is

(26 Jun '14, 10:48) Vincent de P... ♦

Given a GPX trace, would it be a solution to create a OSM node for each GPX trackpoint and a OSM relation with the Rothschild Way details containing all those nodes? This looks like it could be automated using the API.

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answered 27 Jun '14, 11:08

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Mark Hoogenboom
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No, that is not a good solution. Never directly convert GPX traces to ways. They contain errors, they are sometimes much too detailed and - most importantly - such conversions won't automatically join with already existing ways.

(27 Jun '14, 11:14) scai ♦

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