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hello dear osm-experts

with an update: scroll down the key question is, how can we write the request: that takes up the adress-tags correctly:

while trying to gather information about european schools - note i try it with different approaches with the target-goal to gather

and town, street, housenumber information
and then - if possible website -adress

spain: 10000 Records

./osmconvert spain-latest.osm.pbf -o=spain.o5m
./osmfilter spain.o5m --keep="amenity=school" -o=spain-schools.o5m
./osmconvert spain-schools.o5m --all-to-nodes -o=spain-schools_nodes.o5m
./osmfilter spain-schools_nodes.o5m --keep="amenity=school" -o=spain-schools-results.o5m
./osmconvert spain-schools-results.o5m --csv="name addr:city website" -o=spain-schools-results.csv

netherlands 3000 Records

./osmconvert netherlands-latest.osm.pbf -o=dutch.o5m
./osmfilter dutch.o5m --keep="amenity=school" -o=dutch-schools.o5m
./osmconvert dutch-schools.o5m --all-to-nodes -o=dutch-schools_nodes.o5m
./osmfilter dutch-schools_nodes.o5m --keep="amenity=school" -o=dutch-schools-results.o5m
./osmconvert dutch-schools-results.o5m --csv="name addr:city website" -o=dutch-schools-results.csv

interesting: i can get the name of the school, and sometimes the website - but never a street ...what goes wrong here.

besides the missing street i also miss the long and lat information

can any body help out here. thanks in advance

by the way - any chance to store the data in a db!?

update @mmd: let us compare the lines: - see this thread - with the code:

./osmconvert dutch-schools-results.o5m --csv="name addr:city website" -o=dutch-schools-results.csv

and see the code you mentioend - in the formerly thread

./osmconvert restaurant_2.o5m --csv="@id @lon @lat shop name  addr:street addr:housenumber addr:city website email" --csv-headline -o=restaurant_2.csv

comment: sure thing, this so called "restaurant" -code has an extra space - subsequently it had to fail - there were no streets no housenumbers and cities thread:

so - i am not convinced - since i do not see an similar error!?

asked 21 Jun '14, 12:10

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When you don't provide addr:street in your osmconvert "--csv" string, why would you expect it to show up in your result?

Your --csv="name addr:city website" does not match your requirements. Please revisit some of your previous posts, you've already got that right at some point in time.

BTW: cross posted here:

(21 Jun '14, 12:50) mmd

thx for the hints - i appreciate any and all help. btw: regarding the crosspost: the other thread is an answer (!!) in a THREAD (!) - somewhat self-reliying... - this thread. so - i am sorry for this! and now i try to figure out how to solve the issues. Again thanks

(21 Jun '14, 17:32) say_hello_to...

i try to find the thread where i gladly was able to hit the point and was able to provide all what is needed to get the full -dataset.

(21 Jun '14, 17:34) say_hello_to...

hello dear mmd - thank your for the reply, the hints and the offered help,. At the moment i do not see the significant parts that interlink the two threads. in other words if we compare the code - you mention then we can see in the so called restaurant-request (formerly request) a space near name. but in this thread - the school-thread i cannot see such a space. Subsequently i cannot see where you find the link between the both issues. But perhaps i hae to rethink all and to look at the code again - i will come back tomorrow. Meanwhwile many thaks for all you do and did. thx

(21 Jun '14, 22:23) say_hello_to...

see the update in the threadstart - there i have a synopsis of both lines - the formerly written restaurant-request and the actual school-request. they are not similar. but - i think i have to look at all tomorrow. - i come back tomorrow... greetings sayhello

(21 Jun '14, 22:25) say_hello_to...

You complain that your dutch-schools query never returns a street. So why don't you add "addr:street" to your --csv string, as you did for your restaurant query. It's really not that difficult, is it?

(21 Jun '14, 22:39) mmd

hello mmd - thanks for revisiting this thread - and for your continued help. i will rework the dutch-schools-request with the renewed request-line. pps i come back and will let you know the results- have a great day. ;-)

(22 Jun '14, 07:13) say_hello_to...
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