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I normally upload GPS traces containing waypoints. The waypoint description usually contains a description of what's there that either applies to something already existing on the map or something that should be added.

If I edit the trace with Potlatch 1 and I want to convert a waypoint to a node I can just click on the waypoint, unlock it, and edit the tags as required.

With Potlatch 2 this doesn't seem to work. If I hover over the waypoint the mouse pointer changes from a pointer to a hand but clicking on the waypoint does not select it; instead Potlatch 2 starts drawing a line. How do I convert waypoints to nodes in the same way that Potlatch 1 does?

asked 21 Jan '11, 21:45

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SomeoneElse ♦
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answered 22 Jan '11, 00:08

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Richard ♦
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Excellent - thanks.

(22 Jan '11, 01:30) SomeoneElse ♦

Actually - one more question. Alt-click seems to convert it to a node immediately. Is there a way of looking at the attributes without converting it to a node?

(22 Jan '11, 13:52) SomeoneElse ♦

Not trivially - although in theory you could write your own stylesheet to display something else as the name.

(22 Jan '11, 17:44) Richard ♦

And another situation where alt-click is tricky - where a waypoint is immediately underneath an existing way. With P1 it displayed on top and could be clicked on; with P2 (even at maximum zoom) there doesn't seem to be a way of getting to it.

(25 Jan '11, 16:10) SomeoneElse ♦

That's a known issue which we'll tackle when we have time.

(25 Jan '11, 17:58) Richard ♦

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