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someone cutted a street in DE 71672 "Marbach am Neckar". This is a main
street I drive every day. I have very old OSM maps where this street part is included, so someone must cut that off, because it is missing in the
current. The street is going straight from the crosspoint "Bahnhofstrasse" and "Güntterstrasse" and runs to the "Rielingshäuser Strasse" and is named "L1124". Could someone put this street part in? I don't know how to do that. Many thanks.


asked 14 Jan '12, 09:44

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(14 Jan '12, 15:10) SomeoneElse ♦

I just looked about my way to drive every day and found the next street part (red air lines) which is cut out - the "Poppenweiler Straße". This part is also in the older OSM maps and now missing. That looks like sabotage of this area! Who is doing that!? He/Her should be found in the history of changing maps who deletes all that parts! That is against the OSM idea because nobody can use the OSM maps if they are damaged in that way and important streets are cut out. alt text

(14 Jan '12, 16:48) der-sigi

Next I found in "Steinheim an der Murr". That two missing parts (red air lines) are also in the older OSM maps. alt text

(14 Jan '12, 17:23) der-sigi

It would be useful to post a permalink rather than a picture, by the way - we're not all intimately familiar with placenames in Western Germany!

(14 Jan '12, 17:29) SomeoneElse ♦

In this case it looks like someone's remapping for the licence change. You can see the new way here:

They seem to have forgotten to add any tags to the new way, though. Also, it might be worth contacting them to ask what source they're using for the new data - perhaps you can help fill in some of the gaps in their knowledge?

(14 Jan '12, 17:32) SomeoneElse ♦

Is this question still not solved?

(22 Jan '12, 21:13) malenki
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The first highway you mentioned I undeleted in this changeset. It had been deleted here

Two highways near the railway station of Marbach I undeleted here.
The Rielingshäuser Straße had been deleted here.
I guess the comment means double way. Sunce I saw the complete deleted way the user who deleted it maybe oversaw that there was some useful data at the mostly roguh, badly drawn way he deleted.

PS: In Marbach there are some undecided mappers. You should contact them and ask kindly if they wouldn't accept the new license.

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answered 16 Jan '12, 18:08

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edited 17 Jan '12, 22:22

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Gnonthgol ♦

Many thanks, Malenki. Now routing thru Marbach could be done succesfully! Many thanks for your help. Next the cutted streets in Steinheim are missing.

(17 Jan '12, 21:36) der-sigi

I sent the creator of these gaps a message to not only create but also close them. Let's hope the best.

(23 Jan '12, 19:15) malenki

Zoom to the area. Go to the 'Edit' tab. Select the endpoint of the way that is cut off. Click the endpoint of the intersecting ways in order. Make sure they are propperly connected (black ring around the red rectangle). When you are done press the enter key and then 'save'.

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answered 14 Jan '12, 12:37

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Gnonthgol ♦
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Thanks for your help, Gnonthgol. When I go to edit a new page comes up and no (!!!) map is drawn. The map area takes a little comment in red color: "Falsche Zi..." (German). The edit link was link text. It is not possible to edit like you explained. Sorry.

(14 Jan '12, 12:50) der-sigi

It may take a few moments for the map to get downloaded and drawn. Zooming in by changing the zoom parameter in the url to 18 may help.

The 'Falsche Zi...' is a bug report from MapDust.

(14 Jan '12, 13:01) Gnonthgol ♦

You have created this way:

But all tags are still missing! Have a look at ... have a careful look whether you can transfer all these tags to your new way.

And the mentioned way is even a menber of a relation, soo it is quite possible that your new way has to be added to that relation, too.

(14 Jan '12, 15:05) stephan75

Thanks stephan75 for your help. I thaught is was so simple as Gnothgol explained, but it isn't. I see now that if I zoom full in, that the points connecting other streets is not exact enough. The help for editing isn't usable for me. I don't get a way to be selected or all the other commands to work. So I cannot edit the way and correct that. So someone other should delete or finish my work - please. Thanks. See my qustion for help in my first message. Sorry.

(14 Jan '12, 16:22) der-sigi

As an introduction to OpenStreetMap editing, it might be worth a look at the top answer to this question, especially the Beginners' Guide (Deutsch).

One thing to watch out for when you add the road in is to make sure that it joins the other roads that it is connected to - have a look at this answer for details.

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answered 14 Jan '12, 15:17

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SomeoneElse ♦
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