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This article on says that "OSM runs on an annual budget of less than $100,000". Is there a more definite figure for OSM's running costs, and a breakdown of what the money is spent on?

asked 09 Jan '12, 16:16

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The running costs of the server infrastructure is thankfully nowhere near $100,000. Server hosting costs are negligible thanks to generous hosting supporters.

Bit out of date, but exact costs of the hardware upgrade costs.

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answered 10 Jan '12, 12:56

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there was also a recent call for individual donations to upgrade servers: and , to which everyone here could donate (but the funding target has been more than matched by now)

(10 Jan '12, 18:51) Herve5

OpenStreetMap Foundation Finances

Finances/Income 2010

If I interpret this correctly, it isn't the cost of the infrastructure that is noticeable high.

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answered 09 Jan '12, 16:39

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I believe the SOTM conference never really lost money. So remove that from expenses and incomes.

(14 Jan '12, 21:36) emj

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