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How is it possible to change the status and the name not to the whole road in potlach, but only to its separate section?

asked 03 Jan '12, 21:44

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In order to split a way in Potlatch so that one bit can be renamed, click the edit tab on the area concerned, then click on the way that you want to split, so that the nodes that it's made up of turn red, then on the node where you want to split the way.

At this point the area of the editor to the left of the map will probably read "No tags set" (because there are no tags on the node that you've selected). You can then either press "x" or click on the "scissors" icon in the toolbox.

After doing that, you'll see two pieces of road, both currently called the same name. One part will be highlighted, so click on the other bit if that's the one that you want to rename. The name will appear to the left of the map, change it to the new one and save, and that should be it!

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answered 04 Jan '12, 02:54

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Note: This answer assumes that the way you want to split already has a node at the point where you want to split. If there's no node there, you must add one first: Select the way, then Shift-click to add a new node to it.

(13 Apr '12, 21:20) sleske

That is done by dividing it into separate sections (ways) so big that the whole segment has the same name/status.

For how to do this:

  • in JOSM click the node where the properties change (add if needed) and hit P
  • in Potlatch there will for sure be something similar.
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answered 03 Jan '12, 23:12

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aseerel4c26 ♦

Thanks. I've downloaded and have started using Java OSP Editor, but can't find any "P in Potlatch". Where should it be?

(04 Jan '12, 02:07) Dünaburger

As SomeoneElse says, in Potlatch - the online editor which you were using originally - click the node, and press 'X' or click the scissors icon. There is no need to download a separate program just to split ways!

(04 Jan '12, 09:20) Richard ♦

The question did not say anything about Potlatch, I suggested how to do it in the program I use and that there is a similar way in the alternative program (which I did not know without starting potlatch and trying). I never suggested to download JOSM just for splitting ways - that can be done in Potlatch just as easily.

(06 Jan '12, 11:18) LM_1

the question was tagged as Potlatch ;)

(23 May '13, 13:50) gorn

@gorn: Not when I answered that question (which is over a year old btw)

(28 May '13, 20:31) LM_1

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