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I missed the color tag. Is there a way to apply the color tag to the whole bus route ?

asked 29 Dec '11, 17:06

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There is a Public Transport scheme created last April that you should digest if you're interested - see Public Transport

You only need to add it once per route.

EITHER add the colour key to your route_master relation; OR add the colour key to the route relation if you're not using a route_master.

Note the British spelling of this key: colour

The allowed values are either HTML named colour, or HEX colour. E.g. colour=#00FF00 gives you green. There are resources on the internet to help you with colour codes.

The specific information you want relates to public transport route, and route_master

Please note that the Public Transport maps layer that you're probably familiar with does not actually render these colours. From my experience, it just makes all bus routes red, all rail lines black, etc... but I believe there are other systems out there that will use the value of the colour tag.

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answered 29 Dec '11, 19:34

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edited 31 Dec '11, 10:27

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Jonathan Ben...

"Note the British spelling of this key: colour." I think there should be an alias color - colour to avoid mistakes, because you all know that the HTML tag is color, not colour.

(30 Dec '11, 10:30) gerdami

Whether or not something is an "alias" for something else lies in the hands of whoever renders the map. It is possible to make a map that honours the "color" tag, or the "colour" tag, or both, or neither. To the central database, all tags are just key/value combinations and color/colour are as similar as apples/oranges!

(30 Dec '11, 10:33) Frederik Ramm ♦

Thanks for this explanation on 'route_master'. Is there a chance that it would be integrated within Potlatch2 ?

(30 Dec '11, 10:33) gerdami

I don't use Potlatch when working with relations, so the short answer is, I don't know... but you may already be able to do it. Suggest you raise a new question about setting up a public transport route_master in Potlatch so the Potlatch experts can help! Thanks Frederik for your excellent alias response.

(31 Dec '11, 00:19) wolftracker renders colored bus relations... ;-)

(03 Jan '12, 12:27) gerdami

The route_master relation type is very rarely used (in just one city so far), has not been discussed widely, and is not in good English. It is very unlikely to be added as a preset in P2 until this changes.

(03 Jan '12, 14:30) Richard ♦
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