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I tried to change the house numbers at Shea Court, Scarbobough, Ontario, Canada, M1C 2G6. The actual numbers range from 2 to 32, all even, going all along the street. In the current map, the numbers 16 to 32 are in a wrong direction. How can I make this kind of changes? because I also found this kind of error in Minuk Acres and Treadvaley Grove, all in M1C.

asked 28 Dec '11, 02:21

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(29 Dec '11, 09:53) emj

You should read the Beginner's Guide and Potlatch Primer. Adding or editing house numbers is easy, see the wiki page for the addr key.

If you just want to correct them, open the map with the relevant area and click on the edit tab. Now you can click on the point with the house number (or the building outline) and change the number in the house number field. Do this for all wrong numbers and then just click on the save button. It may take some time until the changes appear on the map.

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Note that much of the addressing there uses interpolation ways (aka address ranges), not address points. More info on interpolation ways: For a visualization, use the ItoWorld buildings and addresses layer:

(28 Dec '11, 16:57) neuhausr

Using the edit tab on the website you have two options. You can add the individual houses and their addr:housenumber, or you can change the current data like this:To reverse the direction of the numbers you need to.

  1. click on the advanced tab in the bottom left.
  2. find the way that draws the interpolation
  3. Find the two end nodes of the housenumber way.
  4. change each addr:housenumber on each of those nodes so it matches what you want.
  5. you might of course want to move them around.
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answered 29 Dec '11, 10:27

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