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Hi, please don't close this answer, is not the same as the question i asked a few days ago about Android.

I want to develop a app for J2ME phones, I know how to do it for Android, but i dont know how to do it for J2ME, i dont know if it is possible. This app must have localy stored maps from some citys. I hink it can be done with openstreetmaps and a API to show the localy stored maps and put overlays on the maps (like Mapsforge for android).

I'm searching info about J2ME and openstreetmaps but i can't find clear tutorials or help about doing it

It is possible to achieve this with J2ME ? wich api i must use to do it?


asked 13 Dec '11, 11:49

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This is not a software development help site. The fundamental data that is available and the advice given before is the same for any mobile platform, so the advice for J2ME is just the same as for Android, IOS, WP7 etc. Detailed advice about J2ME code is not likely to come from this site.

(13 Dec '11, 12:07) ChrisH

Yes it is possible - see this list.

But apart from that part of your question, all the answers to your previous question about doing the same on Android still apply.

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answered 13 Dec '11, 11:57

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I'm checking it and i can't find a API like Mapsforge, that lets you using locally stored .map files, i only can check a GPL (can't be used on commercial apps like mine) vectormap application (vetcor map?¿? i need to load .map files).

(13 Dec '11, 12:06) AndroidUser99

Have you tried using Google? That suggested is dual licensed one of which is a commercial license. I can't tell whether it supports .map files but it does support offline maps in some sort of format according to the information on their site.

(13 Dec '11, 13:56) EdLoach ♦

Checkout what is provided by CloudMade. They appear to provide a J2ME interface to their copy of the OSM data. They do allow commercial apps to use their API for a nominal fee based on amount of usage of what data sets.

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answered 13 Dec '11, 18:32

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