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Hi, i have theese questions below... any help is welcome...

  1. I was wonder if anyone can suggest me tutorials to teach how to install the base of OSM on my own server... Important: i'm using Windows 2008 server...
  2. The main objective is to use reverse geocoding with queries from my own server ... exactly like nominatims api, but on my own server... Is that possible?
  3. By the way... is nominatims api available for download?


asked 12 Dec '11, 18:53

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Do you mean Windows Server 2008 or SQL Server 2008?

(12 Dec '11, 20:54) Jonathan Ben...

I mean windows 2008 server... R2 Edition... not SQLServer... i like to do all those stufe above on windows 2008 but i dont found any tutorials... can you helpme?

(12 Dec '11, 22:44) rspilki

Sorry for the up... but i'm realy need to do this thing... anybody can helpme?

(04 Jan '12, 15:54) rspilki

If you don't get your answer from here then you may reask this question on the dev mailing list .

(04 Jan '12, 16:28) RM87

None of the servers run Windows (blame Microsoft). The tutorial on how to install Nominatim is avalable on the wiki. The requirements is on the top. I have not heard of anyone who have been able to install the requirements on Windows. It is possible but your operating system are not helping you out. You may do as the last guy I helped with this and install Ubuntu in a virtual machine.

Once you have all the requirements you can just follow the rest of the tutorial. The commands are for UNIX machines and you might want cygwin to make all the commands work.

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answered 12 Dec '11, 23:23

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Well, thank's for the answeres...

I'm install the virtual box, cygwin and ubuntu on my server... just for tests...

But when i put the initial command in terminal appear the errors message below:

E: The package "postgresql-8.4-postgis' has no installation candidate

E: Could not find package pear

E: Unable to find install package

E: Could not find package db

Can you help me with this?

(14 Dec '11, 09:15) rspilki

Just checking - when you "put the initial command in terminal" you're typing that into a terminal onto an Ubuntu virtual machine running inside Virtualbox?

If so, the pertinent question is "what version of Ubuntu did you install?".

(15 Dec '11, 14:38) SomeoneElse ♦

Hi... sorry for the late answer...

YES! Ubuntu 11.10...

I do something incorrect?

(02 Jan '12, 10:39) rspilki


currently none of the OSM tools are using SQL Server 2008 as a backend unfortunately. All of them are using Postgresql. Fortunately Postgresql is running on Windows without a problem. If you want to perform reverse geocoding, you can use Nominatim service that is written in PHP and using Postgresql as a back end. While I have never tried it, it should be therefore possible to run on Windows with minimal modification of the code. Nominatim code can be found on the subversion server of the project.

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answered 12 Dec '11, 19:18

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