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Hello, I want to tag some houses on a street. I would like to tag all the houses at once with the streetname and the postcode. The housenumber I will add then afterwards. Using "R" shows the effect that later when I add the housenumbers it looks like the housenumbers sometimes are copied from before. Seems that POTLATCH 2 likes to mark with its own sequence. Any idea? What would be the best way? Thanks, Helmut

asked 10 Dec '11, 21:37

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In Potlatch 2, unlike Potlatch 1, (and JOSM) you can select multiple objects by holding down control while you click them. In this way you could draw all the objects first, then select all those that you want to add the same tags to and add them to all of those in one go.

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answered 11 Dec '11, 09:28

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I do not use Potlatch, so better answers might come, but the easiest way to me seems this:

  1. Create all the address points
  2. Create one complete address (even with numbers so that you do not have to add addr:streetnumber more times)
  3. Click on each addresspoint and hit R
  4. Go through the address points again putting in the correct numbers

R copies the tags from the last object that was selected
You have to unselect a newly created node for R to work (a bug maybe?)

Or (expecially if the street has consecutive numbers) consider using JOSM - it has address interpolation. If you do this, please place the numbers precisely beacause searching for the number on the map to correct this is really annoying.

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answered 10 Dec '11, 22:13

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I thougt I did it the same way before ... Now I tried it with your advice: It works. Thanks, Helmut

(10 Dec '11, 23:27) unsereins

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