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I have a question about old addresses of buildings and if / how to include them into OSM. I came across several buildings in my neighbourhood that have official address X-street 7 but still additionally signposted their old address Y-street 63a. So the service road accessing these buildings from Y-street recieved its own name some time in the past and also the accessed buildings were renumbered.

I think, it would still make sense to retain the old addresses, as in my city (Tbilisi, Georgia), many buildings were re-addressed in the past, and are still continually re-addressed. When going to one certain property, someone might use old or not updated guidebooks et al.

Anyway, the Wiki does not cover old addresses.

Can I include the info like this or in which way? addr:street = X-street addr:housenumber = 7 old_addr:street = Y-street old_addr:housenumber = 63a

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asked 10 Dec '11, 06:29

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moszkva ter
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You can include them this way, and is what I'd be tempted to do. Unfortunately unless the tags become widely used it is unlikely that searches for the old addresses will find them, unless you do something like create your own custom Nominatim search installation that does use them.

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answered 10 Dec '11, 10:16

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EdLoach ♦
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but is there a standard way yet? old_addr was just an invention for now, to illustrate my question.

(10 Dec '11, 14:22) moszkva ter

old_addr has been used a bit already -

(10 Dec '11, 14:37) EdLoach ♦

good to know... by now, I added a new node with the old addresses, but with addr:*=, including a fixme tag to either delete them or include them into the building with an appropriate tag. Guess I will clean it myself.

(11 Dec '11, 09:39) moszkva ter

I would use addr:old: Is also a bit more conmen. ( Less used is old:addr: (

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answered 11 Nov '15, 08:12

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Inventing a new tag by prefixing it with old_ does not seem a good solution to me. If it changes again you will need older_ or put multiple values in it...
If the numbers were not reassigned, independent node with addr:* should be fine with some time information like
If the numbers were used again it cannot be really used (there would be two places with the same address)

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answered 11 Dec '11, 10:01

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edited 11 Dec '11, 10:03

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