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I'm interested if it's possible for a third person to mark a set of points and share it, for example, as a set of coordinate pairs, but without making these points public? (perhaps, as an equivalent of marks in Google Maps). Sorry for the question - I had a very limited time to find the solution and couldn't find it out by myself. Thanks.

asked 05 Dec '11, 04:47

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a little more information of what you are trying to do may get you an answer. "share it" and "private" seem contradictory

(05 Dec '11, 09:34) andy mackey

It seems like he wants to share with a limited audience.

(05 Dec '11, 09:47) LM_1

Thanks, it gives a plenty of variants for me to explore now))

P.S.: (to the comments @ the first post) The thing is as follows... I need several ppl to make a table containing points (coordinate pairs) for a set of objects. The town I'm interested in has adresses mapped only in OSM (Google etc have almost no data for this area). The privacy is not that critical, but the objects in discussion have absolutely no value for public maps (Advertising constructions, billboards, etc...).

(06 Dec '11, 05:46) MFNoise

You can't do this on -- everything there is public data, by design. You can have your own points over an OpenStreetMap base layer, and there are a couple of ways to do this:

  • You can build your own page to do this, by following the OpenLayers POI example in the wiki. You can then use standard HTTP access control to limit who can see your page.
  • You can use a third-party service such as GeoCommons. This service isn't inherently private, but any information you upload only gets shown on your map, not anyone else's. There is also a paid version for truly private access.
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answered 05 Dec '11, 09:46

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You can easily craft an url that will show a marker on the map. The limitation is that this marker has no name or other information, and that it is limited to one marker.

Go to, zoom to the desired location, and click the "permalink" link on the bottom-left. Then edit the url in the browser address bar: add "&mlat=12.345&mlon=67.890" to the url (replace with desired coordinates, use the "lat=&lon=" coordinates as a template). This is documented here. And here is an example of such a url.

If you want anything more complicated, you'll have to deploy your own web page somewhere and use for example the OpenLayers library.

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answered 05 Dec '11, 12:02

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The "My maps" feature on Mapquest Open does use OSM data and does have limited "stick a pin in a map" functionality. It might do the job.

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answered 05 Dec '11, 15:29

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