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Anyone have a recommendation for a car-based Garmin, for mapping?

asked 27 Nov '11, 20:09

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Have a look at the OSM wiki at Garmin ... there you have an overview about the different devices with als their cons, pros and features in general.

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answered 28 Nov '11, 16:25

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I have a Garmin 1310 it will record a GPX trace with the option to display it as a pale blue bread crumb trace, this can be transfered to you pc either by removing the micro SD to a reader or just plugging in a USB cable.I have also used this put OSM on the microsd. It is then possible to view a list of maps, you may select for example garmin road map or OSM or contours or even all together unlike some handheld garmins that will only recognise one GMAPSUPP.IMG file. It’s nice to see OSM on the 4.3 inch screen. The battery will last a couple of hours in walk mode without external power.The GPS receiver is not quite as good as a Vista HCX nor does it have any special grids only lat long degrees but I have found some undocumented features here. .

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answered 29 Nov '11, 11:31

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andy mackey
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The Oregon or Dakota models, although primarily for other uses, can also be used as a car satnav. I often use mine with OSM maps as a car model.

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answered 28 Nov '11, 10:21

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As can, if you can find a way to mount it, a common-or-garden eTrex Vista HCx

(28 Nov '11, 17:40) SomeoneElse ♦

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