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Can you please tell me where I'm wrong?

These tracks seems to be not routable (openrouteservice, or garmin export), but their attribute are exactly the same as other routable tracks.

Many thanks in advance. Marco

asked 21 Nov '11, 07:33

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Can you quote an example of one of the other routable tracks that does work?

(21 Nov '11, 08:55) EdLoach ♦

Your changes are from Friday (2-3 days ago). Your new data is simply not included in the ORS data yet and it is likely that the Garmin maps have not been updated (which ones are you using').

If you check the upper right hand corner of the ORS site, you will see that the data was last updated on the 18th October (thanks to EdLoach for pointing that out).

Don't forget that the standard "Mapnik" style map on the main OSM site updates extremely fast and that the same cannot be expected from all other services.

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answered 21 Nov '11, 08:12

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SimonPoole ♦
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I've tried a fast modification 2 days ago, but just because it seems to be not routed. The track upload date is last monday.

I'm using

that shows me my tracks (map is updated on friday) but nor the garmin device, nor the online routing sites seems to route my tracks.

Is there another option to get bicycle map for northern italy?

I'll wait! Thanks It was just to check if something is wrong (it's my first mapping....)

(21 Nov '11, 08:52) marcone

Are you sure that other tracktype=grade4 tagged tracks are being routed on ORS and with the Garmin map?

Best bicycle maps for Garmin devices are provided by Felix Hartmann:

(21 Nov '11, 09:05) SimonPoole ♦

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