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While configuring osm2pgsql (OSM MAP) on ubuntu 9.10 all is done but when i am going to extract Planet in to database get some error. Executing command :

 ./osm2pgsql -S default.style --slim -d gis2 -C 1024 --number-processes=1 --cache-strategy=dense /home/baban/Mapserver/planet-latest.osm.bz2


Unknown node type 8
Processing: Node(109850k 36.9k/s) Way(0k 0.00k/s) Relation(0 0.00/s)WARNING: Found Out of order node 142301185 (33693398,1) - this will impact the cache efficiency
Processing: Node(119970k 36.4k/s) Way(0k 0.00k/s) Relation(0 0.00/s)Entity: line 194701204: parser error : AttValue: ' expected
 <node id="153093405" lat="29.9738900" lon="-95.4713280" timestamp="2010-01-07T2
Entity: line 194701204: parser error : attributes construct error
 <node id="153093405" lat="29.9738900" lon="-95.4713280" timestamp="2010-01-07T2
Entity: line 194701204: parser error : Couldn't find end of Start Tag node
 <node id="153093405" lat="29.9738900" lon="-95.4713280" timestamp="2010-01-07T2
../../planet-latest.osm.bz2 : failed to parse
Error occurred, cleaning up

Can anybody help to resolve this problem so that i can configure OSM successfully. I have 1 GB RAM on my system


asked 21 Nov '11, 06:40

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edited 23 Nov '11, 16:22

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Harry Wood

To me this error suggests that your input XML file is damaged part way through, probably truncated.

Check that you downloaded the full planet file. It should be about 18Gb. You could also run a command : md5sum planet-latest.osm.bz2 ....and check the resulting number matches with the md5 checksum shown on http://planet.openstreetmap.org (check that the file is exactly the same)

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answered 23 Nov '11, 16:46

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Harry Wood
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Thanks Harry Sir,
I checked md5 it shows differences then, I download some other planet.osm.bz2 file with checking md5 and it works !!! now I am generate_tiles

(12 Dec '11, 06:40) baban

Can you unzip the file and just try the same command with the .osm file ? I presume you've done that. If not, it's a formatting issue. Depending on the size of the file, open the file in a browser and check for formats. Hope this helps.

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answered 28 Nov '11, 11:32

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