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Hi All,

Newbie here, as the title suggests, how do i go about printing a map "tile" direct to paper?

Not interested at this stage on gpx files.


asked 16 Nov '11, 18:25

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Doesn't any answer helps you?

(04 Apr '12, 12:33) NicolasDumoulin


I mainly use two ways:

You can also read the page OSM on Paper on the wiki.

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answered 17 Nov '11, 12:02

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What's your ultimate goal? If you want to print a tile, then print the tile image from the online map that has the rendering you want (, http:// , et al ). Alternatively, try the service at which allows you to generate and then print a traditional paper map for an area.

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answered 17 Nov '11, 07:22

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You can export an image of any area in OpenStreetMap using the Exporter service. This allows you to control the area included in your image and the zoom level. It's much easier than assembling an image from tiles yourself.

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answered 16 Nov '11, 20:32

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Note to viewers of this answer: After around summer 2013 the linked /export service only exports raw data (which is not what you want). The export to image formats is currently in the "share" menu on the right side of

(05 Nov '13, 13:55) aseerel4c26 ♦

For a more expansive map, completely under your control you can render your own map. Probably the simplest way to do this is with Maperitive. This generates an image file potentially much bigger than a single tile which you can load into an image viewer to print.

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answered 19 Nov '11, 17:06

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Also check out Viking. While designed for working with GPS data, it can also be used to simply generate image files from map sources (OSM, and others).

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answered 18 Nov '11, 14:59

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unless you want a big map this may be sufficient: just go to and the print function of your browser (even works with OpenCycleMap) or take a screenshot and print it.

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answered 24 May '16, 10:50

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Viking is a useful little, free prog. that as a print function.

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answered 24 May '16, 21:55

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