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I'd like to start adding rock features such as crags, boulders, spires, etc. that have climbing routes on them. Eventually I would like to add routes, but for now I'm just interested in adding the rock feature itself. So what is the best way to go about doing this? Should boulders be points or areas? Should I use natural=cliff for most crags, and then just put tag it sport=climbing and name=*? Any and all information on the best practice for adding these features is appreciated.

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There is an (somewhat old) proposal on mapping climbing activities:

However, the proposed route=climbing is currently only used 5(!) times on the whole planet. There seem to be a couple of problems to it. First, it seems to me a climing route should be implemented a relation in order to cover multi-pitch climbs. Secondly, there is a thorough accuracy problem with regard to GPS-signal (quite some signal problem and considerable offset in these locations) but also with regard to the current topographical mapping details in osm: There are currently only very little topographical items supported and used and those are highly generic (eg natural=fell, natural=bedrock,...).

You may want to have a look at which is another open-data initiative targeted at alpinism and also providing geolocalised climbing information (also available as wms (officially permitted) if you want to add selected info to osm).

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