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I want to add traffic lights to a junction. I tried adding a 'building' object removed all the existing tags and added the tag 'highway='traffic_signals' . But its not working

I checked another traffic lights tag that had been previously added by someone else . That also has the tag highway='traffic_signals' and that is working

I don't understand what i am doing wrong

Thanks in advance



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Traffic Signals are tags on a node in a way, not a building. If you look at these roads near Rochester, NY, you will see the traffic lights are actually placed at a node in the way. In fact, the node that forms the 5 point junction is tagged as "highway=traffic_signals".

The basic procedure for adding a traffic signal to a way is

  1. Start Potchlatch
  2. Select the node in the way where you want to add the traffic signal
  3. Select "Advanced" to go to the advanced tag editing
  4. Click "Add" top add a new key,value pair
  5. For the new Key (tag), enter "highway"
  6. For the new Value, enter "traffic_signals"
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thanks for the reply .Actually I chose the 'building' object so that I could remove any existing tags and then add the highway='traffic_signals' tag.

You mentioned that you need to add tag to a node where you want the traffic lights to be displayed . But what if there is no node there.

Thanks in advance



(15 Nov '11, 05:19) mjk6035

@mjk6035 To add a new node to a way in Potlatch 2, simply shift-click on the way where you want the node to be.

(15 Nov '11, 15:26) jwernerny

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