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I was adding all AH-roads in the south caucasus as relations just recently. Nevertheless, the relation of the AH-81 is now empty except of one member. This happened in changeset

Is it possible to revert the changes on the relations, without reverting the rest of the changeset? It seems that user baxi does valuable contributions on the map of Azerbaijan.

asked 07 Nov '11, 13:16

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moszkva ter
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edited 07 Nov '11, 20:38

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Jonathan Ben...

It is possible. I don't know the simplest method. The one I use involves downloading the previous version via the api as a .osm file, tweaking the version number to the current version, opening it in JOSM and checking for deleted ways, etc after downloading incomplete members, then upload.

I'm working on this relation for you now.

Edit: woodpeck_repair got there before I did. I was warned of a conflict when trying to upload the repaired relation, so checked what had changed.

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answered 07 Nov '11, 13:30

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EdLoach ♦
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Ed, sorry, I seem to have interfered with your work - only saw this after I had already fixed the problem. I had to undelete a few ways before I would restore the relation to the last version before baxi's edit. - To the original poster: Such questions should definitely put on the mailing list and not on because the object-specific information in these postings is of little value for posterity!

(07 Nov '11, 13:35) Frederik Ramm ♦

No problems. I would have removed the 0 node ways (the deleted ones) from the relation when restoring, rather than undeleting them, and leave the manual checking of gaps to the original poster. Perhaps Frederik you could stick an answer on saying something like "It is possible, but such requests should be sent to <list detail="">" and I'll then delete mine which is a bit lacking in detail.

(07 Nov '11, 13:42) EdLoach ♦

Thanks for your help, guys! thumbs up Next time, I will ask a mailing list instead. Which one is the best for these issues?

(07 Nov '11, 14:22) moszkva ter

If it was me, I'd ask on the #OSM IRC channel. That has the advantage that everyone who might decide to help will see both the request for help and anyone saying "I'll fix it" as soon as the request and responses are made.

I've responded to requests for help on mailing lists before, and in one case (talk-au was being moderated at the time) the conversation was less than snappy.

(07 Nov '11, 14:41) SomeoneElse ♦

JOSM has a reverter plugin, and your partial revert could be accomplished with it. It can't do it exactly as you want with a few clicks, but it has the option to "revert only selected objects".

Basically the workflow should be as such: you would first select the relation (JOSM search allows you to select even deleted objects, if you have it loaded). Then, after the "revert selected", you would tell JOSM to download all the relation members, and remove any still deleted ways from the relation - you could even select those ways with the JOSM search - and then upload the relation only (Upload selected in the menu).

Just remember to doublecheck the outcome, before you upload the changes; as others said:

Under no circumstances should you attempt a revert if you are not 100% sure that, should something go wrong, you can fix it again.

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answered 13 Feb '12, 13:36

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Another problem... in the changeset, several relations were emptied. I tried it now with relation 176922 (Asian Highway AH5), but I get the error: Upload failed, because the dataset does not fulfill one condition. Response Code = 412, Error Header=<precondition failed:="" relation="" with="" id="" 176922="" cannot="" be="" saved="" due="" to="" way="" with="" id="" 127474940="">

The conflicting way is this one, a road that has later been deleted due to road construction in this area :(

(17 Feb '12, 10:11) moszkva ter

Er - was deleted 28th Nov and says "New road in Igoeti". The coords of one node are 41.999649, 44.389927 - I doubt you can get bitterballen there!

(17 Feb '12, 10:31) SomeoneElse ♦

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