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Hello, I have some tracks representing 100 km's of roads that I want to enter in OSM (these roads are not yet in OSM). I have cleaned up these tracks, so all stops and other junk are deleted from the tracks.

Now I upload these tracks to Potlatch 2, but some track points disappear. See question: And the track that has missing trackpoints: OR (If you edit these tracks you will see the problem. Or download and upload the track and look if you have the same problem)

The other option is to import the track in JOSM and convert this to a road. Is this possible? I have tried to find a way to do this in JOSM but I cannot find how to do. Who can help? (And please give me an accurate description, because I have spend enough time to find a way to convert tracks to roads).

The best way for me should be that the upload of tracks in Potlatch2 works. This works more simple than JOSM.

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It is technically possible to convert your track record to a road in JOSM, it is however not the encouraged way. If you have already made substantial effort to improve the track this could be an exception so here is how you do it:

  1. Open track in JOSM
  2. Download OSM data from the area around
  3. Right click the gpx trace in the layers' list (top right corner by default) and choose "Transfer to data layer" (or something similar I am not using english translation)
  4. Use "Simplify way" (Shift + Y)
  5. Manually delete any duplicate recordings, make sure you connect the new road where it sould be connected (junctions) and resolve any collisions (river crossings => bridge) and tag the new road... This can be done in Potlatch
  6. Upload the result
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In JOSM you can convert GPS tracks directly to OSM data: right click on the track in the "Layers" display select "Convert to data layer".

I should point out that this should be used with caution, typical GPS tracks will have far to many nodes, so you should at least simplify the ways substantially before actually uploading your work.


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