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I am thinking of making a mapping application using Peter Laurence's MapView on Android using OSM tiles; however, I am aware that creating mapping mobile applications can put a heaving load on tile servers. If I limited each user to, say, 100 tiles per day, would this be enough to address this problem?

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There's actually an official OSM tile usage policy here that should take the guesswork out of things. If you want to display raster map tiles in an Android application you can of course host your own tiles - see here for details of that.

However, for an Android application that you're starting to write now, raster map tiles may not be the best approach. As an example, probably the most widely-used example, StreetComplete, uses vector map tiles (from Jawg I believe).

Whichever makes most sense to you at this point depends on what you're trying to do - as an introduction to Android development raster map tiles would be a great "way in" as you get to see something on screen fairly quickly and get useful experience with the Android WebView. A "test app" built like this isn't going to trouble the scorers looking to enforce the tile usage policy since only a couple of people would use it. A commercial app made in this way absolutely would be a problem, though.

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