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I installed JOSM in Windows 10 using the "Windows Installer EXE" link at

I then followed the video at entitled "Episode 6 - Preparing JOSM", which describes how to set the program preferences for working with Irish townland boundaries.

The screen layouts in the video were rather different from the program I had installed, but I got as far as "Map Paint Styles". The video says here to find "Irish Boundaries" in the left-hand list of styles, and to copy it to the right-hand list.

The left-hand list of style in the program was much longer than in the video, but it did not include "Irish Boundaries".

How can I solve this? Thank you.

asked 03 Nov '23, 22:28

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This page lists "" as a dead link, so it's possible that it's just not on the internet anymore. The beginning of this video suggests they were having server issues at one point. If that's the right style it might have been a victim of the problems.

(05 Nov '23, 00:34) InsertUser

I finally found a version (0.8) of "Irish Boundaries" — thanks to InsertUser for giving me the filename to look for — at

Now, continuing to follow the above-mentioned video, at 1:21 it downloads some data, which is displayed with a black background in "Data Layer 3" and then silently changes to a lighter background in a layer "British War Office 1.25K GSGS 3906". I've tried data from three different counties, but I only ever see "Data Layer 1". How do I get other layers, specifically GSGS 3906? From reading scattered documentation, I've tried Preferences/Imagery and adding it, and ticking Potlatch in Map Paint Styles, but there's still only "Data Layer 1".

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answered 05 Nov '23, 22:48

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It's not really changing silently, he says he's activating the imagery layers at around 1:30 and adds them from the toolbar. He shows how to customise the toolbar to include them there rather than in the Imagery menu on the menu bar at around 4:18. I haven't watched the other videos in that series, but if he don't cover the basic JOSM use then you might find it useful to read through something like the JOSM tutorial at

(06 Nov '23, 01:09) InsertUser

Thanks for the explanation. I now see that the equivalent for an uncustomised toolbar is to click the item which was placed on the Imagery menu when I used Edit/Preferences/Imagery/Imagery providers.

(06 Nov '23, 14:28) Ciarán

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