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I'm not sure to understand why this feature is a relation, knowing it only gathers other relations and does not have any added value.

Reading into OSM documentation, it looks like it should have been tagged as a superrelation. Do people agree with this statement ? If so, any idea how to modify the core object ? I can't find any way to do so easily with OSM interface.

Thanks in advance for your support

asked 16 Sep '23, 22:28

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Hi, Normally if there is a link between the individual routes I'd say the group would be a super relation. But, firstly the relation stated is not quite correct in that one of the routes is for kayaking and canoeing, not hiking. Secondly the only real connection between them is the website. The routes are spread right across both of the New Zealand islands where there are lots more hiking routes. IMHO not really enough similarity to be grouped into a super relation.

Does anyone else have an opinion?

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answered 18 Sep '23, 09:27

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Super-relation is not really relevant because this kind of relations goes against an old rule : Relations are not categories.

Super-relation and Relation:superroute are not much of a thing anyway, if you read the talk pages.

As for how to change that, you'd want to change the tag type=route to type=superroute, as you change other tags.


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answered 22 Sep '23, 18:29

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