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Recently we have been using OSM for working around a correct address for a location pin, but there are some issues we are facing with regards to the response zip code coming in from OSM API for the Location pin.

The Pin code is incorrect for various places and it alters drastically in less than 10 m distance from an original point.

Can someone help as to how this can be taken care off?

I think this is because the database for the ZIP code has not been updated from the OSM side. This is not just for India (Where I am currently facing the most issues) but in European countries too.


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asked 07 Sep '23, 18:09

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Perhaps it might help to give some examples of what you are seeing?

(07 Sep '23, 18:57) SomeoneElse ♦

Adding that data takes time and we are all volunteers. Recently I have been numbering houses in my area. I walk the area with a bit of OSM map printed large enough to write the numbers on. There is a post code layer information available now for the UK, I think, so now it's simpler to fill in all of the address details but it does take quite a lot of time. Without mappers prepared to walk areas and take notes house numbers can't be added. The numbering method isn't consistent in my experience. Number 13s are left out some times, ( 13 is supposed to be unlucky here ) then some wouldn't want to rent or buy it. . Odd numbers can be one side of street, Evens the other.. but not always. Extra houses or flats may have a Number followed by an A'B or C to create separate addresses. You can only find this safely by walking. If Zips Pins and Postcodes are available with geolocation's in your country/area it may possible for them to be added automatically to the map data. This isn't really an answer more a bit of information, sorry.

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answered 12 Sep '23, 15:36

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I had assumed Great Britain's Post Code Database would be fully available to Openstreetmappers by now, but I don't think it is. It belongs to Post Office which was government owned and although it is possible to find some codes, The full database isn't available without copyright issues for use in OSM. This Seems Ridiculous to me. But the post office generates revenue by selling the database availably to some parties. I guess delivery companies and Sat Nav producers pay for the use of this data. I don't know if all countries do things this way, if so it will explain why zip and codes aren't always easy to find and add to OSM.

(14 Sep '23, 13:48) andy mackey

India's code system.,offices%20within%20the%20sorting%20district. OSM mappers can only add post codes if the they are "free" If the code database is fully released, that is without copyright restrictions it could be much easier to add them to OSM database. What is the situation in India?

(15 Sep '23, 07:36) andy mackey

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