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Are there any restrictions with using umaps in an ebook and printed book (which I'll sell)? I'm assuming not, but I haven't been able to find any clear answer. Are all the usm tilelayers free for commercial use? I'll most likely use the "IGN Image aérienne" in my book, but I wasn't sure if there are any commercial restrictions given that the aerial imagery is owned by IGN.

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Have you read the Conditions d’utilisation des données & des services en ligne that appears in the copyright notice in bottom right of the map when the IGN Image aérienne layer is selected and the OSMF Licence and Legal FAQ ? There aren't many on this help forum qualified to give legal advice (it's mostly aimed at mapping queries). I'm not qualified to tell you when you need a lawyer, but if you have legal concerns then maybe you do?

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Hey, thanks for this suggestion. I just translated the document using ChatGPT. It seems like there could be some restrictions. In case any future readers are interested, below is a summary of the document by ChatGPT, in regards to using it for commercial use (I have no idea how accurate the summary or translation is):

"From the translated content you've provided, here are the relevant points that may affect the use of their maps/imagery in a commercial book:

  1. Documentary Use: The use of IGN data for the purpose of illustrating a document is described as inherently non-profit. It is intended to not seek either the enhancement or the promotion of the corporate purpose of those who implement it. If your commercial book's purpose is to make a profit (which is likely), then this might conflict with the "Documentary Use" definition.

  2. End User's Private Use: The use of the services by an individual to meet their own needs, excluding any collective use, including collective business or association uses. A commercial book, especially if it's published and sold on a large scale, would likely not qualify as "private use."

  3. Professional Use: Defined as any use other than the End User's private use. This is likely the category your usage would fall under, and there might be specific licensing terms and conditions associated with this kind of usage.

While the translations provide some insight, there are a few things you should consider:

  • Licensing Terms: The content translated does not explicitly detail the terms and conditions for "Professional Use." There might be other documents or clauses that detail the restrictions and costs associated with such use.

  • Specific Permissions: Even if the general terms and conditions might seem restrictive, it's always a good idea to reach out directly to the organization (in this case, IGN or the relevant licensing authority) to ask for specific permissions or licensing arrangements tailored to your needs.

  • Derived Data: If you're planning to modify or overlay additional information onto the maps/imagery, the terms around "Derived Data" would apply. Depending on the nature and extent of modifications, you might be creating what they define as "Derived Data," which has its own set of conditions.

  • Local Laws and Copyright Regulations: Remember, IGN's terms and conditions state that they're governed by French law. Depending on where you plan to publish and distribute your book, you might need to consider local copyright regulations in addition to IGN's terms.

Given the potential legal and financial implications, it would be advisable to consult with a legal professional, especially one familiar with intellectual property rights in the context of geographic data and French law. They can provide a more tailored and definitive answer."

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