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How to tag small areas of vegetation within cities? They are too small to be a park (eg. 10m × 20m), usually covered with grass, but there are trees or small bushes, sometimes flower beds. Generally it is not suited for walking (one should go around, sometimes it impossible to walk through). How should this public green be tagged?

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asked 01 Nov '11, 18:50

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I think you need to consider each patch individually. For some areas landuse=grass may be appropriate; for public gardens with flower beds then leisure=garden might apply. The landuse=grass link also lists other possibilities that you could consider.

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answered 02 Nov '11, 10:13

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landuse=grass if covered by grass. But I prefer leisure=garden for flowered beds.

Common taggging mistakes I have seen about such things is to use landuse=greenfield ("land scheduled for new development") or landuse=village_green ("distinctive part of a village centre", quite UK specific).

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answered 02 Nov '11, 10:21

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Here's a take on it:

  • Managed publicly accessible land (not covered by other tags) is a park or garden regardless of its size (Montreal is dotted with dozens of parks often the size of a backyard).
  • If an area is private land that is not built and not clearly intended to remain unbuilt, it's greenfield.
  • Leftover accessible green lands are probably better dealt with by using other keys of landuse= (usually grass if it doesn't quite raise to a park level, such as a large grassy expense around some public buildings) or, less commonly, natural= (coming to mind are the spaces under high-voltage line, which are often accessible, and which I still struggle with)
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answered 14 Feb '12, 17:52

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It is not a park not only because it is too small, but mainly because it is not used as a park. For (not only) this reason I strongly support the landcover proposal.

(17 Feb '12, 21:15) LM_1

I use to tag bushes as area with natural=scrub.

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answered 04 Nov '11, 09:29

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In the absence of anything better, landuse=meadow could work.

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answered 01 Nov '11, 22:22

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This one fails the "duck test" - a meadow is a place where grass is grown to create hay to feed animals.

(15 Feb '12, 00:22) SomeoneElse ♦

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