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I have a route like this:

It says a route between the two points cannot be found. However, when I look at the ferry route:

It says: motor_vehicles:yes

The route only seems to work by bicycle, not even on foot, while that also says yes. Am I missing something here, or is this an issue with OSM?

asked 26 Jun '23, 07:33

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The ferry route looks fine but various elements leading to or from the ferry route don't.

There is a gate that doesn't have any access tags. Many routers treat this as access=no. Other gates do have access=permissive set instead.

There is a way that has a foot=no tag. The adjacent way has access=no with bicycle=yes set but no foot=yes. It also has a gate with missing access tags (this also applies to other gates in this area, like this one and the others next to it).

Try to fix all those access tags and the routing will probably work. Keep in mind that routers take quite a while to update their data (days, sometimes even weeks).

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answered 26 Jun '23, 08:31

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Thanks, I'll give it a try!

(26 Jun '23, 10:50) JesseKoper

I've made some changes like you suggested, this seems to work since I can now use the following route which did not work before as I recall:

I need this route to work for GraphHopper specifically though, is this something that just takes time to process for different systems, or is it likely there is a difference between the two for road acceptance that causes this?

(28 Jun '23, 21:37) JesseKoper

The time it takes to update the routing data is different for each service. I don't know the update interval of OSRM, however, it is not unusual if it takes a little bit longer than others.

(29 Jun '23, 11:39) scai ♦

Thanks, it's working now!

(04 Jul '23, 08:56) JesseKoper

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