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Hi. Have some questions:

  1. Can i get list of admin_level=4 territories?
  2. How to get selected territory boundary via osm_id or something like that?

asked 05 Jun, 09:35

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To reply to point 1:

If you want all of them you can use sophox with the following query:

SELECT ?bound ?name ?wikidata WHERE {
  ?bound osmt:admin_level "4" .
  ?bound osmt:type "boundary" .
  ?bound osmt:name ?name .
  ?bound osmt:wikidata ?wikidata

Try it

Or with overpass if you want a bounding box selection with the query:

// gather results
// print results
out body;
out skel qt;

Try it

With overpass you can download the result of the query in different formats using the button "Export" which maybe replies to point 2.

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answered 07 Jun, 10:09

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