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How do I remove a public footpath on the map that should not be there?

asked 01 May '23, 09:44

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Firstly, if the footpath is there in reality, then DO NOT REMOVE - instead, if the footpath should not be used due to dangerous terrain, or must not be used without permission because of private property or somesuch, then add this information to OSM instead of removing the footpath, an action the community would view as vandalism if the path exists on the ground.

If the path does not exist on the ground - and only then! - you may remove it using any of the available editors, e.g. click on edit on the main web site, zoom out so that the whole path is visible, right-click on the path and select the waste basket symbol. When uploading your change, be sure to specify a good reason for the deletion (e.g. "path does not exist on the ground").

Let me repeat, because this is a frequent source of friction - a path that exists belongs in OSM, no matter if anyone thinks that "it should not be on the map".

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answered 01 May '23, 09:53

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Hi, If you can say where this "public footpath" is on the OSM map? Then its validity may well be ascertained.

Mentioning that its a public footpath sort of infers that its in England or Wales. If so then a public footpath is still a highway even if its difficult to be walked, in this case it should be reported to the Highway Authority for remedy.

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answered 02 May '23, 08:16

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