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Hello all,

Trying to setup a local nominatim server with north america dataset. I will be using this server to normalize some adress stating strings and get full adress (especially city,state,country) data. I have limited disk space and installation got cancelled because of lack of space on disk. So, I'm looking for ways to reduce size. I used --no-updates tag also. Appreciate any suggestions.

asked 28 Apr '23, 11:45

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There aren't many changes you can to, it's just a lot of data. Nominatim imports everything into 3 database tables first (or 2 tables plus the flatnode file), then convert everything into the final search tables. With --no-updates the 3 tables get deleted but during the index stage they're needed and consume most.

Use the flatnode file

Maybe import USA only and then how to add Mexico and Canada later. That could also work if you import one US state after the other but I'm not sure how streets crossing state borders are treated.

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answered 28 Apr '23, 12:26

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Thank you, I've created a flatnode file right now installation goes on. However, "Processing: Node(1682145k 654.3k/s) Way(53345k 0.29k/s) Relation(0 0.0/s)" as you can see "Way" has this speed is it too slow or normal?

(30 Apr '23, 17:53) Gorkemsanal

That seems slow but I know nothing about the hardware you use. The database tuning parameter will have an effect but so does raw processor speed and how fast the discs are.

(01 May '23, 20:00) mtmail

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