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As a newbie, I am going as slowly as I can to understand how OSM works in practice. I have made 2 changes (of the few thousand planned) to get an idea of the quirks of the system.

I can see one of my updates on CycleOSM but not the Standard map. I am assuming from this earlier thread that all changes should be made on the Standard map which will then cascade to the other layer versions.

My second change (on the Standard Map) has not shown after a few hours now. My presumption if someone will confirm, is that as I asked for it to be checked, it will not show until it is actually checked?

Looking forward to contributing more data but want to ensure I don't cause work for others later.

Great project which I have used a few times now so time to give back.

asked 26 Apr '23, 15:04

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Angus Gill
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You are not making changes to any specific layer, you are making changes to the underlying data which is common to all maps generated from OSM data (some maps will use additional 3rd party data, but that is a bit out of scope here).

Now why there is a difference in the display of what you changed between CycleOSM and the standard style can be due to a lot of things, from different choices on which data to render, to simple caching issues in your browser.

As a rule the "standard" layer is the quickest to update, so I suspect the issue is due to rendering differences, but without more information you are not going to get a definitive answer.

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answered 26 Apr '23, 16:20

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Assuming your OSM user name is the same as here I can verify that both your edits are visible on both maps for me (the Apartamentos De Montaña Mendiola only on the most zoomed in layer in CyclOSM for now). So I presume there was just some time lag between the edits and the rendering or you have still old tiles cached.

The check option does not delay rendering.

(26 Apr '23, 21:35) TZorn

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