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Hi all.

Can anyone explain how I force rendering of a specific tile on the standard map nowadays, as of 2023, or perhaps point me to where the updated documentation is?

Apparently the old way to force rendering of a specific map tile, by adding "/dirty" after the url, is not working anymore.

From what I can understand, what has happened is that "cdn-servers" has been added in front of the real servers, caching the data externally. What I don't understand is why these "cdn-servers" can not selectively redirect certain requests, like when "/dirty" is in the url, to a real server which then could write to the dirty-queue. Then this architectural change would have been completely transparent to end users, and users like me wouldn't need to search forums and ask questions like this.

But, here we are now. The functionality has been changed from the user perspective, and I can't find any documentation on how this work now.

I think this is an essential feature, that cannot just be dropped, since the renderer and the queue-handler misses things sometimes. One such case is when one have removed a point (POI) near the edge of a tile, then the system can fail to understand that there are two or more tiles which also are affected, and then half of the letters in the name will get stuck "forever". Also, when working with relations, such edits will also often not be updated.

I don't think doing dummy edits, as I have seen suggested elsewhere, is a valid solution. That would make history messier than it has to be. Also, it will force all other maps to render, even though those renderers are not affected by the same render bug and they don't have the same queue implementation as the standard map. It will also likely make map updates for mobile users larger than necessary.

asked 24 Apr '23, 20:10

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I hadn't even noticed the /dirty was not working anymore. I would be interested in an answer, too.

(25 Apr '23, 10:10) TZorn

The referenced functionality hasn't worked for years for the reasons you state. The rest of your posting isn't a question and needs to be taken elsewhere.

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answered 25 Apr '23, 07:32

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The main question is still valid: How to force rendering of a tile on standard map?

(25 Apr '23, 10:11) TZorn

As the OP already knows and noted (see my answer), that isn't possible, end of story.

(25 Apr '23, 10:16) SimonPoole ♦

My understanding is the same as the questioner's - I don't think that there is a way to "dirty" a tile so that the next request that a particular client makes for a tile will get an updated version. It's a difficult problem to solve because I've no idea how you'd know where that request would go.

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answered 25 Apr '23, 10:20

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