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JOSM: How to revert a relation?

I've a 10 month old changeset where I accidentally deleted all the tags from one of the relations. I wish to revert it.

First I downloaded the changeset using the 'revert changeset' command. I then selected the outer way & used File> Upload selection as recommended in the first bullet point:

This only reverted the way by readding tags.

For the second attempt I downloaded using the 'revert changeset' command again. I 'Downloaded incomplete members' to ensure I had the inner way of the relation loaded. I selected the two ways making up the relation. I then used the revert changeset command's 'Revert selection only' option to upload those two ways.

As you can see, the revert re-added tags from four versions previous about 5 years ago!

I have no filters switched on.

How should I be preforming this action?

asked 18 Apr '23, 12:40

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The changeset you are reverting contains versions 5, 6 and 7 of that relation, so reverting the changeset is taking you back to version 4.

In this instance, if it were just the tags you wanted to restore, I'd have used File, Download Object, and downloaded the relation (with referrers and members), then used View History to compare the current version with the version you want, then on the tags from the old version highlight the tags you want to restore (ctrl-click) then right click to restore them (which will create a new version of the relation you can compare with). When happy, upload.

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answered 18 Apr '23, 15:48

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EdLoach ♦
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Thanks, I'll do that. What's confused me is that i thought Potlatch didn't store different versions of an object in one changeset, but amalgamated any multiple saves into one version when the changeset was closed.

(18 Apr '23, 19:07) DaveF
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