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I would like to split the ways in my OSM data that contain turn lane information. For example, if a way has 3 lanes, but 4 turn lanes, I want to split the way into 2, with a 4-lane section at the end of the road (perhaps using the last 2 geometry points)

I wonder if anyone has any suggestions on how this might be done programmatically?

I am using the OSM data as an input to build a network in traffic simulator SUMO

asked 13 Apr, 09:36

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I may be hopelessly naive here (not familiar with SUMO), but it seems to me like the correct place to do this programmatically would be in the converter from OSM format to SUMO format as described in this issue on their GitHub? From this later issue and some of the docs, it looks like it might have been implemented?

(13 Apr, 15:12) InsertUser

Hi, thanks for replying. As far as I understand, SUMO reads turn lane information and applies them to the indicated number of lanes. If the number of lanes is 1 and the number of turn lanes is 2, the turn lanes are not applied.

An example here: https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/1121159178

I would like to split such a way into 2 parts, where the turning part has the right number of turning lanes.

(21 Apr, 15:37) gladegan
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