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Hello everyone. Haven't visited for a long time. OSM does not work in Russia?

asked 12 Apr '23, 06:45

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Hi, unfortunately I didn't clarify the question. I wanted to say that the OSM maps for Russia have not been updated since April/May 2022. The Tourist build page does not open at all. The edits I made after this date of course did not appear. I am a mountain hiker and have used OSM maps for my routes for many years and they I was completely satisfied. Finding something new, I made edits to the map, it is very important for me and my friends!!. This is such a sad story.

(15 Apr '23, 07:27) Vasiliy Fomi...

OpenStreetMap is a collaborative edited geographic database, with many associated services and products based off of it. So your question is unclear. is the web service run by the foundation that manages the database and volunteers, it is far from the only service available to access OSM maps, or other geographic services, like routing. A quick web search tells me that is not blocked in Russia. But that does not mean whatever service based on OSM that you are interested in is available.

You don't really want to be exclusively relying on for looking at maps, because it's not optimised for phones, and only works while you have an active internet connection.

I'd recommend downloading a map app, like Organic maps, and downloading maps for the area you plan to go before arriving in Russia. It is useful to have a map app that allows you to use it while offline. There are plenty of alternatives to Organic Maps that work offline.

Unrelated to maps, but while visiting a country like Russia I'd recommend having a VPN service set up before arriving, and using it while visiting Russia. It can allow you to access blocked websites, and it can a little bit of privacy when visiting insecure websites.

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answered 14 Apr '23, 18:38

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