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I know this isn't really an OSM thing, as OsmAnd is developed independently, but it seems like posting here is a reasonable way to get eyes on this question.

I have noticed that OsmAnd monthly updates don't always contain my edits from the last month, and I think it does not contain anyone's updates from that month. , and is identical to the previous month's update. The update is available to download, and is labeled (for example) April, but looks identical to March's. This happened with the British Columbia map this month. I think I've only seen it with the BC map, because this is where I mostly map, and download updates monthly. But I don't expect BC it's the only regional map that does this.

Does anyone know why this happenes?

asked 08 Apr '23, 03:24

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I think when maps become available the data date on them can be a fair bit earlier than the release date.

You might get more informed reponses on the app's github repository, either in the issue tracker or discussion tab.

(08 Apr '23, 08:06) InsertUser

PS if you are a frequent editor, you might be able to register for hourly updates through the Osmand OSM editing plugin.

(08 Apr '23, 08:09) InsertUser

Thanks @InsertUser! That's really cool about the hourly updates! I didn't know that was available for frequent editors. I totally qualify. Weirdly my edits from 22 days ago don't show up, but the ones from a couple hours ago do. I guess it just downloads diffs from when hourly updates were enabled?

(08 Apr '23, 20:48) keithonearth

I think it downloads the diffs since the datestamp on the map it's updating.

(08 Apr '23, 21:24) InsertUser

Hi! The first version of April maps was generated from old data due to errors on OsmAnd servers. Currently, all April maps are regenerated. If they don't visible as updates, please try to redownload needed one.

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answered 10 Apr '23, 08:11

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(11 Apr '23, 07:31) scai ♦

That explains it. OsmAnd+ didn't show any updates, so I deleted the BC map, and reinstalled it, and that worked great. Thanks!

(14 Apr '23, 02:32) keithonearth

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